the sisterhood of the bitch part 10

me: OK bitch I give up... you win!
girlontape: I knew you'd be right back! Now, about those gadgets...
me: OMG! You shallow, ungrateful bimbo... I'm outta here!
girlontape: No... wait!! I missed you terribly.
me: Bullshit.
girlontape: And don't think I didn't see you carrying on all over FB you hussy!
me: What are talking about?! I just got back in touch with some friends from high school for chrissake!
girlontape: Please. You're such a sucker for a pretty face.
me: True.
girlontape: So you do admit you've been flirting behind my back.
me: I can't believe I'm even having this conversation with you! I knew I shouldn't have come back so soon!
girlontape: So that's your answer to everything... just keep running away? Typical.
me: Listen freebird... do you want me around or not? Because I sure as hell can blog, get laid & chew gum at the same time... just don't expect exclusivity, cuz it ain't happening. It's up to you.
girlontape: As long as you keep me in the loop... I guess it's OK.
me: You complete me, girlontape.
girlontape: Tell me something I don't already know. Sisterhood is powerful... and don't you forget it bitch!
me: Word! Here's some dope shit from me to you, check it out:

nunca hemos pasado por buenas.
esa es una batalla perdida de antemano, que jamás nos interesó librar.
nos negamos a ser guerreras de ceño eternamente fruncido y piernas cerradas.
no hay mayor insumisión que la risa y el placer.
somos manada furiosa... somos perras malas.


we've never pretended to be good.
that's a losing battle we have no interest in fighting.
the greatest acts of insubordination are made of laughter & pleasure.
we come in a pack, and we rage... we are badass bitches.

gracias a mi querida turboPerra colombiana por este clip... thanks to my bitch sister in bogotá for this delicious piece of agitGirlProp!


El Mellizo said...

qué buen video!

Dalva said...

genial el clip perra mala!
vamos girl a seguir chupando sangre.

Dalva said...

... like an insect ...

girlontape said...

viste Melli? es una genia mi amiga Jack... fue la que me regaló ese disco de la Negra en el lejano 86... y muchas cosas más...

i knew you'd dig it Dalva! podrías ser un poco menos gore igual... hide esos colmillos q me dan cosas

Lucy in the clouds said...

Discovering GoT, liking the bitch in her...