girl was so uncool

It's amazing to think just how out of it girlontape used to be. Equally amazing is the fact that she ever caught on. Mostly it's been thanks to her friends, as in:

New York 1994 My friend Tracy's on the phone from the newsroom where she works, sounding sort of numb like people sometimes do when talking about a recent catastrophe: "I can't believe Kurt Cobain just died." So I said "Who's Kurt Cobain?" And that's how I discovered Nirvana. I still treasure my In Utero cd to this day though... don't you?

Chicago 1998 I'm at some blues bar with Peter & all that crowd & someone says "Eddie Vedder just called. He might stop by for a drink." So I said: "Who's Eddie Vedder?" No wonder Peter wanted to kill me as much as he wanted to fuck me. Eddie never showed up, but I'm in love with him now. Aren't you?

LA 2000 Lindsey calls & says "Hey you coming to Perry Farrell's birthday?" and I go "Sure, I guess... who's this guy Perry Farrell?" So there I was partying with Jane's Addiction just prior to their reunion & it all went right over my head, but these days I follow perry on twitter... don't you?


Protervo said...

nosotros no odiamos y queremos cojer debuttante al mismo tiempo.

girlontape said...

guat? me no entender protervo