the return

In her previous spanglish dispatch, girlontape went on & on about how ridiculously happy she's been since 01.01.2010, when like a virgin she woke up in her brand new batcave for the very first time. (This, in spite of the fact that every single appliance melted down, the circuits shorted & it rained into her living room.)

girlontape did not explain in said dispatch is that an enormous part of the rising tide of her recent, ridiculous happiness has been... music.

"I can't believe how long I've been away,"
girlontape remarked to her friend the house doctor today, as though she'd just returned from exile... and yes, that's where she's been: lost in a time of no dancing, no beats, no disco, no breaks, no DJs, no nothing. "No one can," replied the doctor, tactfully saying no more. And neither will I, except:

if you're not prepared for this please put on your sunglasses now


if you believe... you'll find your way. These two maestros have been girlontape's soundtrack since the beginning of this year of our mistress 2010: download the shit & you'll understand.


Aladino D said...

I"m glad to be part of your musical revival sister! Happy MMX!

girlontape said...

you've created this monster Ala... ain't no stopping me now.... je je HAPPINESS to U2!