the feeling of connection part 2

so you heard I crossed over the line
do I have regrets?
well, not yet

there are some, some who give blood
I give love

soon, before the sun
before the sun begins to rise
I know that I, I must give
so that I, I can live

the one & only tori... from dj ala's dope shit MMX mix


dasbald said...

And a Happy New Yearrrrrr!!!!!!!

girlontape said...

de veras german... gracias por tan linda bienvenida al mmx! no hubiese sido posible sin vos!!

Dalva said...

girl, happy new year! Que se realicen tus proyectos! So many, so interesting!
Que personajes so photogenique!
kiss GOT

girlontape said...

amores perros = photogenia ;) happiness to you dalva, and may the zen always guide us .... ohhhmmmmmm