girl's going up the country

i've gotta get going
i can't stay here long

cuz i'm tired of the way
i've been
pushed around

i'm gonna leave this city
got to get away

all this fussing and fighting, man
you know i sure can't stay

no use in you running or screaming and crying
'cause you got your place babe... whereas
i've got mine.

luca prodan


hermano said...

La ruta.

Que lindo viaje, sorella.

Dalva said...

Luca vive!
GOT, no hiciste nada en Golden Door? ya estabas en Buenos Aires?

girlontape said...

guat is golden door dalva?

girlontape said...

luca tenía el rocanrol grabado en el corazón fratello! como yo :)