you'll do!

Last night girlontape had a skypedate with her friends in a galaxy far, far away: jason wrestled with a chicken in his oklahomo t-shirt, regina flaunted bizarre head-gear including a bison head, and badass artist mit rockstar alison ward did a live rendition of you'll do for the benefit of yours truly.

In closing, what better way to express who we are and what we stand for than the following timeless credo by our favorite glam punk band forever, aka
the ruffian arms:

"Bastard New Yorkers, loose on the streets, ugly and pretty, a gap in our teeth.

It's taken all of our lives to get us where we are now; nowhere.

We won't apologize for when your lovers and spouses fall in love with us.

We are into dildos and exhibitionism, and we do parties.

We are influenced by loud mouths, hooligans, perverts, stupid kid stuff, New York City, sexy ladies, alcohol and sin.

We are also influenced by every morning where we walked home in shame."


Noesperesnada said...


cleopatra said...

Cuánta nostalgia por tu Manhattan hay en vos.

El idioma es sólo una muestra de ello.

Abrazo girl y como siempre, excelente

girlontape said...

home is where the heart is Cleo. gracias