backstage after the tramando show

Our friend martin churba is indeed blessed.

His chosen runway being on the roof of a five-story shopping mall, it seemed miraculous that tonight of all nights - after the torrential downpours, flash floods and blackouts that have plunged buenos aires into chaos over the past week - the sky should suddenly have turned to pure crystal:

the breeze was so fresh, the colors of the evening so vibrant, the champagne so delicious as we watched the moon blaze over the pink-flowering treetops until the girls swayed out in their
tramando finery: which was intricate, spangled and fiery all the way to its deepest charcoal aspects.

To me the beauty of
churba's designs lies in the way they swathe and swirl about the body, then keep surprising you with new twists and turns - tonal layers and textures creating shapes within shapes - the more you keep looking.

girlontape and her photographer friends migrated backstage, where they drank the rest of the bubbly, fooled around with their cameras and salivated over the wicked laser that threw red and green sparkles all over filmmaker marina belaustegui in her equally wicked tramando dress.

"I'm so happy," said
martin. "It turned out exactly the way I envisioned it." And that, for an artist, is the greatest blessing of all.



Cuántas noches nos cubrimos con las telas engomadas de Martincito, cual soberbias Mujeres de la Atlántida. Y nos cubrimos el pecho con sus retazos cortados con tijeras de oveja descarriada. Sus pliegues, sus harapos.

Ha sido inevitable que fueras nuestra preciosura de Febrero en el Calendario Suspirelli. El Pirelli nunca nos interesó.

La sensibilidad de Marley es su escudo. Marley está bien. Con tamaños escudos se sobrevive, aunque el mundo intente convencernos de lo contrario.

Un abrazo muy fuerte desde la arena babilónica.

Madame Lulu said...

tremendo dress!

girlontape said...

divina persefone! eso ruego y espero... que esté protegido aunque lejos de su casa. muahhh

sí campeona... tremendo. salió marina por ultima con ese dress, que es blanco con lucecitas en el cuello etc, y martin le tiró pintura encima.

Melissa said...

Lovely descriptions—and glad the weather cooperated.

girlontape said...

thanks melissa :-) trying to write more in the adopted mother tongue these days...