wish list
• children
• a sword
• for gaston + ceci to spin on my birthday

done that
• get hired to screenwrite
• get invited to hang my pictures and have people go see them
• surrender to my art like silvia told me she did at the same age

• found friendship gutsiness & generosity here too
• little by little, over a year and a half, my blog gave me back my inner vision
• I bet everything on love and lost spectacularly, but the moral was worth the story

• pettiness disguised as passion: no pasarán
• long live elegance aka the ethics of choosing well
• may the music always be my guide


Isil said...

rumbala rumbala la

mangozeen said...


-got arrested in Thailand
-had a baby boy Fenway or little perfect
-celebrated my daughter's fifth birthday.
-gained 10 pounds over XXXmas
-lived in a Palm Beach mansion over the summer
-opened a jewelry store in the Plaza Hotel
-had to come out of exile and live in fucking NYC
-love my girlfriend and wife at the same time
-still celebrate Winemas and Beermas

chin chin 09 said...

i didn't do any of the sort but i met stefi & that's enough by me

girlontape said...

that's sweet. cin cin!
peter you rock as per usual...keep representin :)