english girlontape on the radio

GIRLONTAPE was interviewed recently on BA University Radio 90.5 FM. It went more or less like this:

-What possessed you to start blogging, Stef?

-Frustration. My friend the intellectual rock star offered to publish one of my stories on his blog, which has over a million hits. Needless to say I rushed it over, but he got lazy so I started GIRLONTAPE just to see my words in virtual print. Then he welcomed me publicly to the blogworld, so I had to stick with it or be square.

-Tell us about your pictures.

-The person responsible for all this insanity is photographer and curator sebastián freire, who invited me to do my first solo show in brandon gallery. It was called GIRLPLAY & it was all self-portraits. After that I did GIRLWORLD, which ended recently, and right now I'm prepping GIRLADELICA.

In a couple of weeks I'm opening in the glammest underground joint in Buenos Aires, which is kim y novak. A place I adore for many reasons, among them because it reminds me of New York, because sergio de loof exhibited there, and because director marcelo bosco, who is one of the owners, gave me three cute slaves as accessories for my Halloween dominatrix outfit.

-So are all the pictures on the blog yours?

-Yes they're MINE ALL MINE. Except a few that are gifts from friends, and which are duly credited as such.

-What's an Italian New Yorker like you doing hanging out in Buenos Aires?

-Magically I was fortunate enough to discover friendships and affinities here: a world of gutsy, soulful, inspiring individuals. Like Ian Brown says, home is where the heart is. And while I'll never stop missing my people across many borders, this is where it's at for me right now.

I was a little jittery so I don't remember the rest, but I know I had a ball. Many thanks to the producers for inviting me! It was an honor.


trippidy said...

BORDERS? Your ferocious fabulosity has no borders! Missing you from the candy apple. Slurp slurp. Birds of a feather (boa) flock together...

girlontape said...

ALWAYS :) loveeeeeeeeee

cathy hoo said...

Hey girl you are an inspiration wish I could have a dance @ your club or at least have a chat on the phone often find myself missing your sassy sophistication! Cxx