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-hi. friend of peyton's?
-no, a fan :)
-so you're gay
-no no. I'm a young french DJ.
-that much I gathered sweetie.
-your pictures are very sexy.
-thank you. tell me you don't spin minimal for godsake.
-LOL minimal is for star wars sound track.
-ok we can talk then. you do realize I'm like twenty years older than you right?
-no way. how can u tell?
-look at my profile & do the math babe
-LOL you're right
-so how old are you? don't lie.
-b/c corrupting minors isn't my thing.
-it's not corruption.
-tell that to interpol.
-your pictures really do my head in.
-oh look! another peyton fan just added me as a friend
-I only confirmed you b/c you're cute. what about this one...confirm or ignore?
-you have an incredible body.
-let's change the subject desire to end up in jail
-take it easy...where are you from?
-next door. rome.
-great! let me know when you come to paris & i'll come visit you in your room.
-in my suite you mean.
-of course, sorry.
-i wish i could live in a hotel, surrounded by thousands of louboutin heels.
-like all women.
-yesssssss (collective orgasm)
-i wish i could make passionate love to you for hours & hours.
-except at your age they come in three minutes.
-no no...more like twenty.
-not bad. still, twenty can go by in a flash.
-yes but: a little rest and...ready for another twenty :)
-maybe an object like you wouldn't be such a bad idea.
-oops sorry! I have to go, my dinner is ready. I'll be back in a few OK?



martinkorben said...

matías aguayo spins minimal, stef ...

girlontape said...

precioso escuchaste el nuevo track de aguayo q dice

"that music got no groove
got no balls
yo quiero bailar con un ritmo
más nocturno
más profundo
más sensual
basta ya de minimal"

me lo regaló dr. trincado ;)

girlontape said...

MK esa foto tuya contra la ventana es increí colgaría en mi pared, tas linkeado guachoooo

Isil said...

se re defendio para 18 che

y mas respeto con el miniimaal

girlontape said...

chamuyo impecable, pero 18 ni ahí...le quiero a mi lolito parisien, MÁS xq odia el minimal!

junkieparasiempre said...

Jiji... Another piece of meat...
(lo q suelo pensar yo
y se lo escuche al Dr House hace poco)

La fiesta de Aguayo en 2006 no tuvo desperdicio
y era publico minimalero nena.

girlontape said...

HOUSE or death... minimal = death by boredom