girl va a la peña/argie folk dance

Last night after a long arty shoot in a huge ex factory in san telmo - black lights, body paint, young argie artists skateboarding and drinking beer, a pair of beautiful white cats -

girlontape and her friend diego rex, whom we love because a. he's a pisces and therefore our soul brother, and b. he has possibly the best musical taste in the southern hemisphere,

were lugging her heavy equipment back to their hood in search of a meal before passing out from exhaustion, when they happened into this bodegón (argie steak joint) and its peña (argie square dance).

girlontape just couldn't stop clicking away as middle-aged gauchos (argie cowboys) and their lady partners stepped out onto the restaurant's checkered floor to the soulful rhythms of argie folk music (a guy, a melodic voice, a guitar).


Arabella said...

You make Argentina so intriguing, the tourism department should give you a retaining fee! Love these pictures, just love that kind of low key scene.

girlontape said...

LOL what an idea... no one in argentina ever dreams of paying or getting paid for an honest day's work ;) yes it was sooo low key that's exactly the word for it, these elderly overweight people dancing really sexily with each other, i just loved watching them...