california i'm coming home

Just as i was watching this clip & feeling quite tearful & homesick for my friends - the real ones - the following email from my bitch sister in LA hit my inbox:

"So last night I had a dream that you and I were out at the Salton Sea getting stoned, Really Really Stoned and we were having an awesome time. Maybe one day that will actually be a reality, my lovely! Thinking of you!!"

it gets so lonely when you're walking
and the streets are full of strangers

all the news of home you read
just gives you the blues

i'm gonna see the folks i dig
california when i get home

the one and only joni


Lindsey said...

yes! COME HOME, steppy, come home! we miss you! you will love the Salton Sea for its "crazy meets beauty"-vibe.... just like us!

girlontape said...

"crazy meets beauty" can i get that sequinned on the back of my jacket?? and on my license plate please! I LOVE IT... Salton Sea here we come...