bitchin' camaro memories

Believe it or not, girlontape once was a wicked cool chick.

She lived in Allston, MA with a bunch of artists, took pictures - some of which are currently
on exhibit in formosa gallery in buenos aires - and drove to school every day in her yellow 1976 BITCHIN' CAMARO, singing the famous tune that goes:

When I drive past the kids
They all spit and cuss
Cause I've got a BITCHIN' CAMARO
And they have to ride the bus!!

Since tragically I do not possess a photo of my treasured BITCHIN' CAMARO I'm forced to post this pale imitation of the phat dope original.

(You just have to imagine it minus the racing stripes, plus a few hundred dents and scratches - I bought it 2nd hand for $600. As Joe the mechanic once famously commented: "This ain't no cream puff, lady.")

In the summer of 1989,
girlontape took off on a historic voyage to visit her bitch sister jack in Colombia... and so she maganimously bequeathed her BITCHIN' CAMARO + her ID to her underage biological sister for the duration.

As a result, while
girlontape was busy getting her mind blown on myriad tropical adventures, her kid sis got to, in her own words: "Get into clubs & party away. I actually remember picking up a guy in that car & he said: 'I'm in a hot ride with a hot girl, yeah baby!'"

"And another thing... since we got Obama in office, he owes me."
"What does he owe you?"

the dead milkmen


D said...

que lindo ruido! el del bitching camaro, no?
I love to drive it, it´s not mine, is my brother´s but sometimes he let´s me drive it. So cool, dommage que no tengas foto.

girlontape said...

encima el mio era tuneado! ay todavía recuerdo ese rugido delicioso..... you're lucky D!

girlontape said...

what color is your brother's bitchin camaro?? no me digas amarillo... voy ya a paris a visitarte!!!! ;)

Diego said...

Un Camaro, qué envidia. Buen gusto para elegir auto, Steff.

girlontape said...

fueron mis años de gloria Diego! ahora voy en colectivo... *snif*