cambodia calling part 12

The last time I saw Kiri, she was wearing a white princess dress and her hair was braided in this complex, delightful way.
She confided that she's tired all the time because, in addition to school and homework, she's expected to cook and clean up after her five brothers every day.
She said, "In my family boys win."
I told her, "Remember a girl's as good as her brother... remember women are stronger Kiri!"
She replied, "I'm gonna miss you Stef!" and I looked at this fiery ten-year-old being, so alive, so bright, already somebody's servant, and I thought Equality, what a dream... I wish it for you with all my heart Kiri.


capetoste said...

I'm trying not to leave these girls behind, I hope i'll be able to keep helping kiri too, although her family isn't much helping in this regard...

girlontape said...

it's a collective effort, if the family doesn't want freedom for its daughters then it's so much harder to help them... emancipation starts at home... some bob marley needed here!