la querelle des femmes

ph: aaliyah K by girlontape on the set of talking to the trees (dir. ilaria  borrelli/guido freddi)

girlontape: So Aaliyah... do you have any kids?
aaliyah: Are you nuts?? I'd have to be married first, and there's no way I'm gonna end up some man's servant.
girlontape: You of all people don't need a husband to have children! You're talented, rich, famous... you're a free woman right?
aaliyah: If I had kids out of wedlock I'd be a pariah in Cambodia... even me! Can you believe it??
girlontape: You're shitting me.
aaliyah: Sometimes I wish I was gay!
girlontape: I've been wishing I was gay my entire life!
aaliyah: Dammit.
girlontape: So boring... I know.

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