i found a picture of you (4)

keith and suzanne at d'arcy's farm, michigan 1998

People had gathered from far & wide to celebrate Peter's birthday, including this one girl who flew in on a private jet, I asked her: Are You From Holland? You Sound Just Like My Sister's Friend Sasha, 
and she said I Am Sasha's Sister, So You Must Be Claudia's Sister.
There was the morning Suzanne & I sat on the pasture fence looking at D'arcy's horses rollicking in the windblown grass, we caught one and rode him bareback in the apple orchard. Suzanne braided flowers in her hair and we had this beautiful hippy trippy experience, 
the rest of the time I was so in love with Peter I was afraid to take his picture, 
superstitiously believing that any attempt to possess him with my camera would seal my fate in ways i did not want; 
when he declared himself to me i was too chicken to take it on because that would have meant changing my life in ways too radical to contemplate, so instead I went back to NY, where I tortured myself & my loved ones for a couple more years. 
suzanne said You Mean You Were Living An Inauthentic Life, But The Appearance Was Good, and I said Yes, That's It.

check out keith's current band goldenboy, meanwhile here's a cool video from that era featuring keith, his brother kerry, & d'arcy among other assorted rock stars:

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