a colleague: I tripped on something & realized it was a woman's hair coming out of the ground, we called the mine squad & they cleared the area & then they dug up this mass grave. This was in Kosovo... I still get the shakes sometimes.

a girl on the #80 bus: I got fired today... it's none of your business! Mark? Mark - Mark! Can you please just listen? Just - if you can't talk to me nicely then let's not talk at all. Mark. What? You want me to move out? Is that what you're saying? Because if that's what you're saying then - can you please just be quiet? Mark!

suzanne: I dreamed about our road trip last night. We were in the middle of nowhere. Landscape was dry and brown, we were in a convertible and your hair was blowing in the hot, dry wind: you were wearing aviator sun glasses... keith was wearing a 70s ruffled prom shirt with the sleeves torn off.


giardigno65 said...

una meraviglia ...

girlontape said...

una meraviglia che piaccia a uno scrittore... grazie :)