my own private cambodia

 discovering Becky, Moniroth in her princess dress & the karaoke club at last • riding four to a motorcycle like Khmers • the Jasmine Revolution • pajamas are for sleeping/dogs are not for eating! • Bob's down by the river, Paddy's by the guesthouse & Fat Sam's on the main drag • nightmare in Japan • I Scream, But I'm Not Mean! • Khmer kids repeating Oh My God! and Action! everywhere we go • Benghazi is burning • Nescafé, Klang beer & Liberation cigarettes • Aaliyah to Duccio: "By the time i'm through with you there won't be any you left... you're gonna be camembert!" • Do I look jaundiced? • Where's Rod? • Can, can! • Are You Following Me?


Guidobaldo da Frecco said...

che bona!

girlontape said...

la cambogia mi ha fatto bene!