for trippy on his birthday

right now i'm remembering you & your feather boa & me dancing in your phat pad as the sun came up over the brooklyn bridge & we were instantly becoming friends forever eight years ago darling tripp

is it the questions or the answers
that'll lead you to the lord of the dance?
ian brown


gardener said...

Por fin salí

j. said...

Cómo me gusta esta foto!! Más que la otra, porque transmite movimiento. Y el gato en el sillón me mata.
Usté es una diosa. Coincido con Pornito en post anterior. :)

girlontape said...

cuando los gatos duermen los ratones bailan jajaja
síiii el marley muerto me mató a mi tmb!!!!

trippidy said...

Thank you thank you thank you amore! I am still finding boa feathers in the strangest places from that fateful night/day/night. I've leapt into my 40's and love being 20 twice. Never stop that dance that you do!

girlontape said...

i love being 20x2 also!! it just keeps getting better & better & better &...who knew?! rock on Tripp...i'm right there with you babe!