the real lowdown

the fox: It better be vintage and a convertible or it's over.
the bitch queen: Who, love & rockets? I saw them live when I was nineteen.
rita hayworth: Here's the real lowdown.
the straight shooter: Look, I don't want you to fall in love with me...I just want you to have sex with me.
the holdout: Look, if we have sex you're the one who'se going to fall in love. And then you're gonna go bananas & take it all out on me.
dr. trincado: When I was a child I knew that the stars would only get brighter...
my copilot: I think with my head not with my pussy. No offence.
the pilot: No wonder it was all going ass backwards. Move over bitch...the flight deck is mine!
the clueless chick: Why are you torturing me?!?
the boy of few words: - - - - - .
the fox: If it's red it's most definitely over.
dr. trincado: And we would get closer, leaving this darkness behiiiind...
the director: It's gray, it's vintage and it's a convertible. Now shut up and finish your capirinha.
rita hayworth: You can put the blame on mame boys.
the bitch queen: And don't act like you're too cool for school...I know you heard me.
the fox: Fine I give up you rule the universe I hate you!! Fine I give up your car rules the universe, just don't get me drunk...don't get me drunk!! OK let's have another.


Mary Poppins said...

un dialogo de por aca:
Nena: Mami las zapatiyias no me entran mas!!
Mami: bueno, chancletealas por otro anio hasta que baje el euro
Marido: I don't like this type of meat
Mami: Do you want me to cook something else??? (esta no es la verdadera respuesta , aca me hago mas buena de lo que soy pero pongamos)
Marido: yes.
Mami: grrrgrgrgr


girlontape said...

siiiiii porfa!!!

mary poppins said...

Mary con tijeras de podar en mano: the gardener is not coming (y no es Ralph Fiennes, trust me) can you help me to cut the ivy, please?
Marido: I'll do it later or tomorrow
Mary looking at the huge back patio mitad podado mitad no): ok

4 meses mas tarde
Marido waking up in the middle of the night: "What is this..."
Mary: "oh...the ivy", no me tires de la lengua