sol: retroceder nunca, rendirse jamás

nuestro líder: nadie supo a qué raza pertenecía...nunca pudo ser domesticada...sólo fue fiel a si misma

el clubber intelectual: la sigo pasando bomba, cuando llegue la parca que me lleve sonriendo

la agitadora profesional: acá la única mala influencia soy yo

charly garcia: no me toquen mis discos, no toquen, no quiero que me toquen, no toquen no!


thank god some people around here got attitude

sol: backing down not an option, giving up unthinkable

oh captain my captain: she could neither be named nor tamed, for the bitch was faithful only to herself

our man in boston: here they're banging everyone over the head with that dreadful coldplay omg as if U2 wasn't bad enough now we have these idiots to contend with. fuck that shit.

the intellectual clubber: still having a great time, when my number's up I'm checking out with a smile

the professional agitator: I'm the one & only bad influence around here

2 many DJs: fashion is for fashion people/get out there now & break the rules

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