the rise and fall of berlusconi in three quotes

government witness, massimo ciancimino: "Berlusconi met my father in a restaurant in Milan in the early 70s. They discussed a 1.2 billion lire investment in one of Berlusconi's real estate ventures. My mother was in the restaurant too." la repubblica 11.11.2010

nadia macrì (luxury escort): "He asked me: 'What do you do in life?' I answered: 'What do you want me to say, Mr. President...I'm a hooker.' He told the other girl to leave and he scolded me: 'You mustn't say that.'"  la repubblica 3.11.2010

ruby the heartbreaker: "My advice to him is he should be more discreet. He's got so many tarts and tartlets trooping through his house, any one of them could double-cross him. But like they say, on the street there's always room for one more." la repubblica 2.11.2010

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