bizarre buenos aires conversations

- There's a lot of rape in the US.
- You mean more than in Argentina?
- A lot more.
- What stats have you been looking at?
- I haven't. But you can tell from Hollywood movies.

- The Jews in WWII didn't defend themselves. That's why the Nazis almost wiped them out.
- Really? What about the Resistance... what about the Warsaw ghetto uprising?
- That was nothing. In general they didn't defend themselves.

- Andy Warhol was a nice guy.
- Really? Everyone says he was a narcissistic asshole.
- People will say anything.
- I meant people who knew him...did you?
- No. But I'm sure he was a really great guy.

- It's impossible to have good friends in the US.
- Really? Were you there long?
- Not once. But you can tell they don't value friendship as a culture.

- What did you think of The Motorcycle Diaries?
- Are you nuts? I wouldn't be caught dead watching a movie about el Che made by yankee imperialists.
- But Walter Salles is Brazilian.
- .....


Dalva said...

yes, he is brazilian .. but what an asshole!
doing a movie about the Che, latin america unida, y criticando dia y noche a los argentinos, chilenos y peruanos del equipo técnico ... sólo los brasileiros saben hacer cine. Me daban ganas de vomitar todos los días.
Igual, Walter será brasilero, pero es un millonario no muy interesante y producido por los americans!!!

girlontape said...

por fin! alguien que opina por que estuvo y no por ignorante :)

girlontape said...

igual, Dalva: para mi que Salles es re buena persona... JUST KIDDING!