translation for LEL: will the real DJ please stand up?

The road to hell, as they say, is paved with good intentions...which is how girlontape ended up at sven's megashow last friday: between him and dubfire, difficult to say which was more mediocre. Techno for squares, is how the ever-incisive magalí put it. The worst of all possible betrayals.

I know we were comped but I still want my $70 back, seethed my copilot in the midst of the mass of leering low-lifes in which we were trapped almost beyond endurance. I was gonna invite sven to spin at my birthday on march 12, but after this...niet, nein, no way! remarked girlontape, removing yet another sleazy paw from her back.

The moral of the story: screw these overrated imports...we miss diego goddammit! cuz to paraphrase the one the one i adore & wanna be adored by: home is where the real techno is.

And then, lo and behold, we found out that saturday around 1am, all on his own, sven showed up at our favorite den of perdition with his vinyls, got up into the booth & asked if he could spin a while. There, according to dasbald according to carla, he proceeded to regale a blessed few with a set that lasted until 8am. After which some even had the gall to complain they didn't get to hear the DJ they'd paid $5 for. Whatever...sven you rule, all is forgiven we love you!!


Lindsey said...

Awesome recovery, Sven! So, is he DJing girlontape's b-day party, or what?

girlontape said...

he didn't get back to me yet :)

girlontape said...

ps. he's gonna have to clear it with my headliner aka dr. trincado first... sven, so sweet... plus he's got that viking rockstar thing going on... mmmmmmm

Isil said...

Ja, go tolerance!

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