getting bigger & sleeker & wider & brighter

oh you know that I'd do anything for you
it's the grooviest thing
it's the perfect dream

hand in hand
is the only way to land
and always the right way round

the cure


Fer said...

sNight rises in your velvet belly
and a cat observes the universe...

(something like a scene)

girlontape said...

something like a poem you mean

Ferko said...

ese felinooooooooo
me lo devoroooooo
que lindooooooooo el lovecattttttt

girlontape said...

me too ferkis!! so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty!!!!

Ferdinand said...

i just described the pic, sometimes poetry is true

maría said...

qué buenas b&ws!

girlontape said...

gracias mery :)