billie ray martin: i want some other style i want some other way

diego: en aquel tiempo a mí, virgilio, la apacible parténope/nutría

mariana: la ciencia revela el cuerpo de dios y el arte, su mente - o será al revés?

cecilia: ese mar agitado en el pecho, ese bosque oscuro y enredado en su mente

linkillo: se trata de ver cómo lo imaginario nos atraviesa, nos arrastra y nos define

billie ray martin: undisco me.

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Mariana Soffer said...

Probably art can be a part of the brain that I can think of like this:

Instead of being adaptations, most of the arts may arise because we have acquired technologies to excite our pleasure circuitry. The pleasure circuitry has an adaptive explanation. The intelligence that manipulates the world to bring about certain effects has an adaptive explanation. But you put them together and you get a species that in a biologist's sense, misapplies its intelligence to infiltrate motivational circuitry and short-circuit it. We have figured out how to amuse or titillate ourselves with artificial stimuli that don't themselves enhance fitness.

I haven't thought about God regarding to it, neither bodies yet.