vintage post para QM

Just when it was looking pretty fucking grim...tripp came up with a brilliant solution: this 1971 Airstream as the setting for our upcoming I GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS tour.

I can see it now: mary poppins at the wheel, major tommy keeping the log, our man in berlin shooting the video, girl in a miniskirt oozing that essential glamour we can no longer live without,

and the evil twin grumbling about how unstable everything is while our genius manager fiddles with the eccentric-looking knobs to tune in to the best rock 'n roll station in the Americas if not the world, i.e. radio kabul out of Buenos Aires.

The dialogue might go something like... the twin, spilling his Scotch again: "Please remind me why I signed on for this."

the major, quoting himself quoting Hunter S. Thompson: "Buy the ticket, take the ride."

girl in a mini: "No you can't borrow my plaid mini. I don't care if it matches your boa."

berlin: "Your face fills my frame with utter perfection. Ein lieben zu, my darling."

mary: "Did that sign just say Paris, Texas?"

tripp, hanging up: "Trent Reznor wants to know can he hitch a ride with us. His Airstream just broke down."

the twin: "I told you this retro junk is a piece of shit."

girlontape: "Ein lieben you too."

radio kabul: "Are you sad because you're on your own? No, I get by with a little help from my friends, mmm I get high with a little help from my friends, mmm I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends..."

elastigirl: "Mary for god's sake slow doooooown."

trent: "Thanks guys. I brought those lollapalooza VIP passes you wanted."

emma peel: "I love your new tattoos, Trent."

trent: "I love your wild red hair, Emma."


Lindsey said...

Love it!

girlontape said...

hahaha i knew you would!
it's from oct. 2008...from before your blogtime...of course you can hitch a ride with us anytime's the I GET BY W A LITTLE HELP FROM ALL MY AMIGOS tour :)

Mary Poppins said...

Si!!! que se suba la Linsi

Mary: El melli, again????

girlontape said...

ese airstream...lo veo tan acogedor!