free roxana saberi

Roxana Saberi is an American journalist who has been imprisoned in Iran since late January. She was first arrested for purchasing wine (which is illegal in Iran) and held without charges for over a month.

On April 8 she was suddenly charged with espionage and on April 18, based on a closed, one day trial, Ms. Saberi was sentenced to eight years in prison for spying for the United States, a charge the White House denies as "baseless."

Amnesty International has condemned Ms. Saberi's conviction and sentencing. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says, "she should be freed immediately." The evidence against Ms. Saberi has never been made public.

Ms. Saberi is starting her second week of a hunger strike which she plans to continue until she is released. Her family worries for her health and safety.
Ms. Saberi has been living in Iran for the past six years while reporting for National Public Radio, the BBC, ABC News and other international media outlets. (photo: National Press Photographers association)

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Ray Errol Fox said...

Brava to you for your stand on helping Roxana. I've written two entries that have elicited both sympathy and understanding for her, but I feel we're all falling short somehow. Is it possible people are just too caught up in their own lives right now to care? I tried to describe how easily a journalist--or anyone else--can naively get into trouble on foreign soil (I've been there.) in "A Spy in the Eye of the Beholder" at Hope you and your readers will also see "Free Roxana" on the same site. I'm deeply concerned about Roxana. The time to give more than lip service is right now.

IRINIAN said...



Ray Errol Fox said...

Re your comment, "how easy it is for bullies to attack women...": I've written that if Roxana's "offense" were committed by a man, it would have been viewed differently, and if not entirely overlooked, in all likelihood excused.

On the other hand, an "Anonymous" comment posted on my blog by a woman I suspect I know, calls Roxana "this incredibly STUPID woman," and concludes with, "I hope she rots!" Ugly and disheartening.

I beg Roxana's forgiveness for taking the spotlight off her, even for a moment, but I have to tell you that your blog is super, and you have me regretting my second language isn't yours. One other matter: was not including Leonard Cohen in your "Favorite Music" an oversight? He seems to belong there.

Bet Roxana would agree.

girlontape said...

hey Ray-
hard to tell from here what really happened - maybe it was a set-up. I'm sure men get arrested for buying liquor all the time too, we just don't hear about it.
Everyone buys bootleg in prohibition countries, common knowledge.
The fishy part is the railroading of Roxane that followed.
As far as bullying, the worse sexist is a sexist woman...just like the best pacifist is a former soldier...
Great quote, I forget the source: "Sexism rewards it victims selectively."
Thanks for the kudos :) I know I must translate more, thanks for reminding me.
And yes we love Leonard, of course.
Must find a song for Roxane.