perfect toy/juguete perfecto

(este cuento en español)
Qui a deux femmes perd son âme, qui a deux maisons perd sa raison.
He who has two women loses his soul, he who has two houses loses his mind.

You decide to give yourself a break. She is panting and ecstatic after your exertions of the last half hour. That pussy. (Which you think about when you’re fucking your wife.) You couldn’t believe it when she came out of nowhere one night. You put her number in your cell phone and made a mental note never to call her. You thought about her later and it made you horny so you jerked off asap to images of your hand inside her making her swell. You called her. Now she’s back in your hotel room, this witch, how did she get here? You give her the strap and find you want to tell her all about it: your father the things you need to picture your insane quadruple life. You do. The room gets crowded with your relatives, lovers, favorite hookers, slaves random fucks over years and years plus her mother her sister and the teenager on the train. You feel hectic and relieved at the same time.

You must cut her off soon but can’t just yet. You watch her squirm. She doesn’t know you’re going to have to fuck her any minute now. You give her another whack. You dig as many fingers into her as you can. She cries bitter tears, you listen to her, you come as you squeeze her neck and she almost dies right there in your arms. You tell her, “I like watching a strong woman like you debase herself” as she crawls around on the floor for you. Unbearably one more time, you didn’t think she could take it but she does. It’s exhausting. You say “Tell me that you love me” and she does and you find yourself wanting her to mean it. Her thighs tremble out of control. You begin to need her orgasm more than your own. You both come many times and the sun is rising and it’s time to ditch her and go to work and never look back. This is when you realize she is the perfect toy and you can’t let go. You have her in your power for a few years and none of her lovers can change that. Finally she leaves you for some guy she’s not willing to cheat on, and it hurts way too long and way more than it should.


stefania f. said...

Mariana Soffer said...
There is no risk in playing with toys but playing with other things yields uncertain outcomes.
No risk = No life = No desire = Null

Anonymous said...

I loved this pic.
Thanx for posting.

stefania f. said...

That's sweet of you to say.

Christoph Wilhelm said...

Wow, Stefania, what a sexy, posessed, passionate, fast moving urban story !

I love the immediacy of the pictures !