when you're right, you're right

gabriel bañez: I dedicate this prize to the whales, who every year come up to the coast and look at all the people in such a timely, sensible way.

eva: I feel a certain latent anxiety.

lexi: Prejudices came & fucked with my head.

eva: The sky is exploding...can you hear it?

chez demot: Governments come and go, artists remain.


Lindsey said...

You even have a good lookin' back, girlfriend! :)

girlontape said...

i'm back to front these days ;) & upside down, inside out...etc etc

la cámara lúcida said...

like it!
me gusta mucho el encuadre,

lexi said...

gracias siempre x citarme girl!!!!
qué orgullo!!!!


girlontape said...

el orgullo es mio perrra... x supuestoooo :)