six little things that make me happy

my bitch sister in LA tagged me in the game of name six things that make you happy, then tag six other bloggers.

i name:

taking pictures (is my passion)

my dog (was my birthday present from the universe)

constant candy (is looking good)

books (without them we're just ignorant armies clashing in the night)

shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes (are my fetish)

rock 'n roll (is my religion)

i tag:

ferkis dearest
mary poppins
my bitch sister in NY
run dalva run!


Lindsey said...

Am I allowed to say you are the "Bitchenest Bitch" EVER for accepting this tag (and answering it??))) You rock, as ever! PS: Patrick and I are talking about coming to see you soon!

girlontape said...

:) :) about time! since i've been BITCHING so long about it....

Mariana Soffer said...

Thank you stef!! you really made my day!
I do not know what to tell, just that I have a smile in my face.

Also that I liked a lot the things that you selected, I liked them because I think they are things closely related to yourself, and also related in a nice and good way.

girlontape said...

glad u like it marian...back to the good, the nice & the reality i say :)

Ferko said...

¡qué honoooor!

voy a pensar el mío y lo voy a postear.

¿Te veo esta noche en NO TE CONOZCO?


Lillí said...

Me gustó el cosito este.
Y sus eleeciones, salvo lo del perro.
( y nuevamente me siento un pco bruja mala...)