Inexplicably, pseudo-mystical babble about an alleged "change in global consciousness" had been floating through the air. The planet just shifted spiritual gears, so humans have a chance to leap forward. "It's happening as we speak...whether we like it or not," this one friend confided like he really knew.

A hippie in techno quaint! I scoffed inwardly because let's face it: we're on a darkling plain where ignorant armies led by medievally-minded homicidal bigots with insane amounts of power guns & money clash by night, and it's going to go on forever. Stopping the delirium would require literally millions of people to meet physical force with soul force right now,

and who still dares nurse let alone voice such quaint, idealistic hopes? Jamming days are gone, too many bewitched now by the foul language of death. Hopeless to fight this much evil when everyone's bought into it, so concentrate on smaller ways of being good: rescue a couple of strays...sign Free Tibet organic...whatever floats your boat.

Then the other night in Chicago this man Barack Obama steps victorious onto the stage. Inexplicably, millions have come together in choosing trust over fear, unity over alienation, uncharted waters over familiar ones, soul force over physical force; and in so doing finished lifting the old racist curse at last.

Stonewall & Rosa Parks, César Chávez & Dr. King & many more and here comes the heir: so unquestionably, beautifully, in every way fulfilling the vast long-cherished dream that even Jesse Jackson sheds steady tears. Obama's enemies are unwontedly docile in conceding defeat, reporters in many languages struggle to maintain neutral facial expressions, crowds dance in the streets. Here in BA we hold hands and repeat: "I can't believe they pulled it off. I can't believe this is happening."

How did we get from Abu Ghraib to this? Pesky Yanks been at it again: after almost a decade of apathy and moral degradation, they up and take this gigantic step forward practically overnight. And whether or not my technohippie friend has the right silly of me to think that jamming was a thing of the past.


simpática y puntual said...

ay stefania, la última foto me saca lágrimas.

simpática y puntual said...

¡es poesía!

girlontape said...

es freaking ridiculous!! xfin llorando de felicidad no tristeza existencial, un TRIP

Aladino Debert said...

So true my friend... and the series of photos is just telling. Fact is, governing is messy, and we are going to be disappointed with this or that. But what's important is we'll see a change in attitude towards both the world at large and the pressing problems we have in this country. It's a great start.

girlontape said...

He's gonna kick ass on our behalf I'm sure of it...I just don't see him ever getting greedy or sleazy,

plus he's gonna rescue a mutt from the pound, can he be ANY MORE COOL plis me muerooooo

But yes we have to stand behind him, keep pushing, send him one of your NYE CDs with that Vivienne Westwood family pic :)

My hard-to-impress mom in Rome just told me she's been reading all his speeches as they're so amazing - she said "This man has made a lot of people think in ways they had never thought before"

(dude apparently he left a message of Obama panties appreciation on Pola's blog, can this be for real?! chk it out