trust me: 42 years in 42 quotes

42. trust me, i'm gonna do you like you've never been done before
41. i want to move to buenos aires so i can be your fuck buddy
40. kiss me, listen i have a girlfriend, kiss me again, again, stop! OK again
39. you wanna come party at my house? don't get me into trouble now, that's my girlfriend over there
38. if i move to buenos aires i'll probably end up leaving her anyway
37. are you kidding? i love cats!
36. no i'm not allergic to cats
35. trust me, i'm not afraid of cats
34. why is he looking at me like that?
33. does he bite? he looks like he's gonna bite
32. i'm positive my girlfriend doesn't cheat on me
31. ninety nine percent anyway
30. you want me to make you fall in love with me or what?
29. don't rape me, i'm not gay, don't rape me!!
28. well yeah i did do it with a transvestite once
27. a couple of times actually
26. i'm an alpha male baby
25. i can make any woman come
24. i'll make you come like a train all night
23. girl you make me wanna switch teams right now
22. i want you to be mine
21. i want you to leave him
20. i want to leave my wife for you
19. i want you to move in with me
18. i want to move in with you
17. i don't have a girlfriend
16. i mean i did until recently
15. well she doesn't know yet but trust me it's a done deal
14. of course i'll tell her the next time she calls, what do you take me for?
13. if you stay i'll put half of it in your name
12. i'll buy you a house in tuscany so you can write all day while the munchkins run around
11. there's no way i'm shooting blanks btw, i'll give you as many as you want
10. trust me, if you're pregnant i'll buy you a house
9. you're the only one who can save me
8. how about atlantic city in a chopper on saturday?
7. how about we drive to the hamptons on saturday?
6. i'll call you on saturday
5. i'll call you
4. i never said that
3. you never said that
2. well yeah i came...of course inside, where else? i was a virgin too until two minutes ago! ok sorry it's really hard to control! so if you got pregnant i'll ask my brother what to do! ok I won't ask him...OK I WON'T TELL ANYONE...relax, there's no way your parents will find out...what do you mean I ruined your life?...I'm only 16 too...I know it's not the same for did you come? jesus, chill out!!!
1. how old are you sugar? wow, just like my're gonna be a maneater for me.


porno y fugaz said...

the most, honey, the most. even if you make me dizzy. the most!!!!

thanks for the link!

porno y fugaz said...

haaahahahahahahahaah!!!! You are 42? Carrie bradshaw would say I´m swimming on your pool or something like that!!!!! I got really tired of 20 somethings and now I´m desperate to meet more 40 somethings, do U want to switch???? I have tons of 20 somethings who would be delighted to meet you.....

girlontape said...

they are all equally retarded PornoGirl...just so you know. however, ok send them on over...but they have to be extremely hot and extremely good dancers.
I don't have any 40yo to trade tho :(