the age of intolerance

the dancer in the dark: I need my own velvet rope in front of the DJ that too much to ask?
the sicilian: I never forgive or forget
the bitch queen: I don't like girls who are easy
the racing football fan: my ex is dating a san lorenzo four years with me she didn't learn a thing
jay-z: if you don't like my lyrics you can press fast forward
isabella blow: if you don't wear lipstick I can't talk to you
mariano: the older I get the less I can stand people who don't get high
ivan: rock n roll is from the islands, or it's not rock
miss kittin: sex drugs rock n roll is over/I decide it's over
juan: rock is dead
pablo (not him, the other one): the world is divided into those who read proust and those who didn't
major tommy: plan A or nothing
the new parents: my baby is the most beautiful one in the's an objective fact
the italian: my country is the most beautiful one in the's an objective fact
jill: the farther you get from madison avenue the drabber it's an objective fact
luca prodan: putting oregano on ravioli is for losers
the racing fan: sushi makes me vomit
the bitch queen: I hate everyone
the mass murderer: I don't like mondays
sneakers?! no way: give me high heels or give me death
the pretenders: there's nobody else here like me/I'm special so special
the dancer in the dark: please don't say anything, you've bored me already

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