i'm all ears

the quiet cabby: That'll be five fifty, and watch out for the evil eye.
the bitch queen: Stef, newsflash...you're not gay.
the crashing bore: Where are you from?
the bank teller: Our system is down.
major tommy: I owe it all to women.
the kickass dj from rosario: When I say love/You better believe I mean love/L-O-V-E.
the baby-faced worldwide superstar: What do you find attractive in a man Stef?
a guy i was married to for five years: It's not you, it's me.
the german snowboarder: You don't like minimal? Get out of the car!
the sexy psycho who threw me up against the wall: HAHAHAHA.
dr. kgb: Change the locks and don't speak to him again unless it's through your lawyer.
oh captain my captain: Men don't grow, they just grow old.
the cheap knock-off: I got 99 problems and a bitch IS one.
another crashing bore: Where are you from?
the anonymous commentator: Idon'tunderstandyouthereforeIhateyou (repeat)
the dj whose influences are throwing muses...wait, the cult...ohmygod, yello...holy shit!! the stranglers: I don't wanna be a freak/But I can't help myself.
my backup: I know you're not a dyke Stef but for god's sake stick around and help me wrangle these bitches anyway.
the cashier at the supermarket: Our system is down.
a guy i was married to for five years: It's not me, it's your blog.
the evil twin: Dance you cocksuckers!!!
the lippy fag who works at josefina ferroni: You don't like josefina ferroni? Get out of the car!
mgmt: You man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars.
pablo: Miaow.

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