lindsey & patrick forever

There is nothing nobler, nothing lovelier than when man and wife keep house together with like heart and with like will. Their foes repine, their friends rejoice, but the truth of it all is with her and with him.

Homer, The Odyssey

pic by atg studio


Tommy Barban said...

Un lujo esa cita.

Anonymous said...

SF: I am honored and humbled that you've entered us into your blog! I'm not sure what tommy said, but when I did the web translation it came out as "A luxury that appointment". Not sure what that means, but I hope it's good. kisses, LL

girlontape said...

haha that;s actually not a bad translation, however in this case he said "that quote is a luxury" meaning I picked a great one

Queen LEL as you know the honor of having you & your loving consort on this humble blog is all mine. I'm thrilled for you both, as never has a case of love at first sight turned into such a shining example of a long-lasting, happy & mutually supportive relationship.
Of course, we already knew all that back in 2000, when he got that awesome tattoo immortalizing his love for you.

girlontape said...

ps. among many cool things about yr colleague Tommy Esq., is that not only is he our future cult novelist, but he also hung out with Obama at Harvard Law...therefore come to BA, touch me & you'll be at 3 degrees of separation from the next US president ;)

simpática y puntual said...

ufa!, ¿dónde está la fotito de la chica con cara feliz? ¿y la otra? esas fotos me reconciliaron un poco con la idea de matrimonio, son muyyyyy bellas.