color or b&w? that is the question

he left no time to regret, kept his dick wet
with his same old safe bet
me and my head high and my tears dry
get on without my guy



Alelí said...

me quedo con la magia


giardigno65 said...

belle sempre e comunque (anche seppia, anche in zimino !)


meki said...

Tutti e due!
Stef, fui a visitar el site de Kat. Magnífico su trabajo. Claramente, la gente talentosa se junta ;)

Baci, bella.

girlontape said...

hmmmm..... gana el b / n me parece...

Meki: le voy a decir a Kat! (que de paso ama Buenos Aires, ahi nos conocimos)

Mary Poppins said...

Hard decition pero me inclino por el black and white

girlontape said...

Giardigno: mi pare siamo Back To Black (And White ;)

QM: me too baby... me too

Nicolás said...

color, color!