amores perros cap. 7

laika & stef by kat

EXT. PARK DAY - Laika throws herself slavishly at the feet of a ridiculously handsome, tall, dark, blue-eyed stranger with a piercing.

Funny...usually she hates men.

Really? I think she's the perfect dog.

Do you have any tattoos?

Suddenly, our heroine feels that life has hit a different groove.


Lindsey said...

i love this! miss you, steppy!!

La cámara lúcida said...

cuanto amor!

girlontape said...

LEL it was so funny usually she GROWLS at men & scares the shit out of them, but with this one it was luv at first sight ;) LOVE YOU!!!

girlontape said...

Camarita es mi perrita superpoderosa, mi ultimo rescate argentino... amor sin fin... said...

no podes ser mas hermosa!!