from cambodia with love

the cambodian guesthouse esthetic... words fail me

yesterday we visited the museum at the killing fields.
i saw the tree where they tied children up before beating them to death, and the other tree where they hung the loudspeaker to cover the screams of the dying.

after the wrap party we went to the awesome led zeppelin café. girlontape danced to def leppard, iggy pop & the dead kennedys of course

my ten-year-old hero: "I really think you should stop smoking Stef - it's not good for you."
girlontape: "Your saying that makes me love you even more dearest Moniroth! Wanna listen to a cool tune?"
the cure: "W
ednesday I don't care about you, Friday I was in love."


Guidobaldo da Frecco said...

che bella la foto nella guest house, sei davvero fichissima!

girlontape said...

insomma... si fa quel che si puó! cmq merci :)

girlontape said...

ps. tutto merito del top cinese che mi ha regalato Ilaria!

Mary Poppins said...

first one: blue over blue. Very nice!

girlontape said...

Blue blue electric blue
Is the color of my room
Where i will live... (Bowie)