the day of the elephant and more

Her human protector, an ex government official, found her orphaned in the jungle sixteen years ago, took her home, and registered her as his daughter.
No one is allowed to ride, jail, or otherwise harass her, so she gets to lope around his extensive property, shaking the trees and throwing mud on her back all day long.
She's so curious and funny - she literally stuck her nose in everything: the camera, the van... our faces...

Ilaria asked, "Are you crying because you're afraid of the elephant?"
Kiri said, "No, I'm crying because I love her."
"I understand," said Ilaria. "Sometimes I look at my husband and I cry because I love him."

The girls show Pietro a video from their Khmer dance class.

Father and son, our extras for a day... this man was so kind to us. But then all Khmer people are kindness incarnate.

Here's a perfect example of Khmer body language: everybody together, close to the ground.


Ilaria and Canelle.


Dalva said...

son tus fotos ahí atrás? atrás de Ilaria?

Alelí said...

nahh nahh nahhh
me morí con la elefanta! nahh estoy emocionada con el diálogo, las historias y miradas...que lindo!!!!!!!!

girlontape said...

quel eagle eye you have Dalva... sí son mias :)

Aleli la elefanta ternura total, tan juguetona y felizzzz