two girls talk about a guy

girl 1:   He's hot.
girl 2:   Well he's here for a week, so you can get laid 35x.
girl 1:   At least I'll have time to get to know him before he takes off.
girl 2:   Oh don't want to get to know him.
girl 1:   So why don't you go for it?
girl 2:   I would...except, you know.
girl 1:   Oh yeah I forgot. Omg he's so cute.
girl 2:   Is it still cheating if it's with two people?
girl 1:   Nice try, sister.
girl 2:   Damn.


Lindsey said...

hahahahahaha! FABULOUS!

girlontape said...

knew you'd appreciate the girltalk LEL :) :)