pretenders: I like the way you cross the street 'cause you're precious.

laura: Stories involving love are my favorite.

girlontape: That one ditched me because i wouldn't cook for him, this one because i invited him over for dinner. I'm confused.

boybeasties: I want you to want me, as long as you don't really want me.

pretenders: You made me wanna, made me wanna, made me make it.

my copilot: Chicks rule, boys make good pets.

girlontape: My kingdom for a pet training manual.

the doctor: Let them be.

pretenders: Oh, you're so mean.


Fer said...

mirando su perfil de preferencias pareciera que me ha robado mis películas y mi biblioteca.
i´ll be back, nice blog!

girlontape said...

how funny...thank you!