the mystery of interspecies love

The dog barks and barks. I go out to look for it, can’t find it. It’s trapped in some apartment nearby: the owner died, or left it there. It’s been going on all day & all night. No one cares.

The police bring a puppy to the shelter: its owner hanged herself. For hours the puppy tried & tried to jump up, trying to save her but it couldn’t.

There are terrible, terrible people in this world. Also incredibly careless, stupid people like me and it's hard to say which is worse. One way or another, the innocent always pay.

It's all true what they say: denial rage bargaining depression acceptance. They come in waves, mix & switch. It goes on & on. 

Other symptoms: sleeping with the light on. Hauntings. Hate. Reading Sylvia Plath: “And the blood of love welled up in my heart with a slow pain.” Every picture I take is shit.


Mary Poppins said...

I am here sweety
nada mas que pueda decirte

girlontape said...

siempre tan sweet Mary! merci

mary poppins said...

un beso

Como esta Roma? Que bien lo del Cayman!!!

girlontape said...

el caimán, on his wait OUT :))))
beso Mary!