j'entends rugir les plaisirs de la vie (negresses vertes)

self-portrait at ekwata, gabon 1992

While I couldn’t find my iconic negresses vertes album, for whatever reason I still remember the moment I bought it in a record store in Kenmore Square in the middle of winter in another life a zillion years ago.

My favorite track on that album, of course, is their glorious gypsy-punk-rai hymn to summer, which perfectly describes the way that I’m feeling right here right now. It goes like:

Voilà l'été, j'aperçois le soleil
Les nuages filent et le ciel s'éclaircit
J'entends rugir les plaisirs de la vie
Les filles sont belles et les dieux sont ravis


sofia said...

once a rock star always a rock star. pichuco and i miss you!

sonoio said...

bella bella bella

un beso grande girl

girlontape said...

bet billie doesn't though ;) laika and i miss you too! predictably, she has the felines here running scared - same as it ever was -

girlontape said...

beso grande sonoio!