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214 Brick Lane, LONDON, E1 6SA

EAST GALLERY  is pleased to present 11:11, an exhibition curated by Infinity Bunce and featuring artistic responses from artists operating within the sphere of fine art and also within that of urban art, ranging from the bold and socio-political to the subtle and poetic.  

The new video work by Berlin and London-based British artist christopher steadman will be on view for its global premiere from 17 June to 22 June 2011.

christopher steadman

’The Only Way Down is Down’
4-monitor totemic elevator video installation.
11:11 mins., 4 synchronised DVD’s, 8 synchronised audio tracks.
17 June to 22 June 2011
Private View Thur. 16 June 2011, 6 – 9pm

'The Only Way Down is Down' takes on the disparate desperations of office boredom, machine horror, sex with strangers, concentration camp badges, cultural signs and symbols, and manages to bring an elegant and almost symphonic quality to themes that might otherwise incur a sense of drudgery and despair.  Steadman teases and taunts us with the hidden dynamic of what goes on behind the closed doors of an elevator when anonymous strangers are forced to share a confined space.  Through the tension and repetition of the opening and closing of elevator doors, the artist's interest in isolation is manifested as he follows a virtually invisible character up and down the empty shaft of what becomes a powerful reminder of the banality and anonymity of urban modernisation.  

view a 2 min excerpt documenting the 4 screens of the video installation here

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