stef does rotterdam

el artista herman schouwenburg vio la foto original de stefania fumo en la revista de arte kunstzeitung en un museo de Rotterdam e hizo con ella un dibujo, que ahora está expuesto en una galería de la misma ciudad. Mismo dibujo que yo por pura casualidad encontré en google...aldea global, amen. (la curadora magalí pallero dixit)


artist herman schouwenburg's drawing based on stefania fumo's photo of curator magalí pallero and gallerist daniela luna, which he saw in art mag kunstzeitung in a Rotterdam museum, is now on exhibit in a gallery in the same city...and girlontape gets ripped off AGAIN!!

however, thank you herman for your kind words...i dig your painting :)

hi Stefania

I liked your very colourful and expressive photo when I saw it in the paper, it had to be painted! I scanned the article which I found in Kunst Zeitung # 6, 2009.

I'm sorry to see that it's not your name that gets the credits. It says: Foto: Astrid Mayerle, but she is the writer of the article. Hope it doesn't spoil your day.

Thank you for the blog, I like it!


Lindsey said...

Congrats, Steppy! That is sooooo cool, I love it!

girlontape said...

it WOULD be cool, if i'd known my picture was published in kuntzeitung! i just love how my work gets stolen ALL THE TIME

chicaenminifalda said...

les dijiste algo?

girlontape said...

chicaenmini ahí subí el email del artista, fuck!

Lindsey said...

Oh, that's lame, then.

girlontape said...

...which brings us to the 5th time my work got ripped off this year... that's it my click just got REALLY REALLY expensive!!

Tereso Mendez said...

te hicieron un remix!!!