the age of innocence

Some things suck royally. For example all the ways you keep proving what a fraud you are & therefore must have been all along, and how do I keep from being degraded by that?

When along comes this message from a boy who sat behind me in elementary school: You had long hair and glasses and you were so sweet. It's been 35 years but I just wanted you to know I was so in love with you.

The very same day Christopher sends me this picture: I see us ten years ago. I see me and I think, I am still that vibrant loving truthful person and no one can take that away from me, not even you.


christophernow said...

you are more vibrant.
more youthful.
more loving.

roll on NYE lovefest BA style.

girlontape said...


ana said...

Estas hermosisima en esa foto, colga mas fotos tuyas de pasados años...

ana said...

esa sonrisa es tan fresca... mas sonrisas asi.

Mary Poppins said...

a mi tambien me gusta la frescura de este momento y tu sonrisa

beso Bellisima