density & size

brooklyn jacket gift from tripp until he comes back for it
panties gift from pola
tiger t-shirt & thigh highs gifts to myself
tank top gift I forgot to rip to shreds along with all that obsolete underwear

campera brooklyn regalo de tripp hasta que vuelve a buscarla
bombacha regalo de pola
remera con tigre y bucaneras regalos a mi misma
musculosa regalo que me olvidé de cortar en pedacitos con toda esa lencería obsoleta


srta.pola said...

oh i luuuv these

girlontape said...

those obama panties are so rock n roll!

trippidy said...

Brooklyn never sparkled so brightly``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*

Miss you and MISS BA.

Trippidy Do Da

girlontape said...

thank god u miss us cuz we miss u trippppp