i got a case of the blues...time for some allen

blues is like a hard-on
comes right in your mouth
blues is like a hard-on
takes you far from home
lookin' for a lover like the blues
who won't let you alone

allen ginsberg


Jirafas said...

lindo, tan lindo como una canción de robert johnson o un solo bluero de setevie ray

syndrome said...

crass as though it may sound, cunnilingus is my thing, but this is a girl's blog, so what do i know. So since we're on the subject of head, put on ur headphones, ahí te mando algo q dicen q es sexy, it might just be kinda wanky, who knows--and since we're on the subject of eating, i'm looking at a whole bunch of food i bought and a bottle of wine and i don't even feel like eating or drinking, but since it's just me & my lonesome, i'm putting the food away & reaching 4 the corkscrew. rainy bullshit fucking friday night.

girlontape said...

syndrome i guess you need to listen to electronic pussy sucker to relieve the bullshit: