planetkat: it's the present we're pre-living and re-living
my object: I don't deserve you, I belong to you
my cats: we own you
boys: I want you to want me, but only as long as you don't really want me
sign on 23rd street: funny/cry/happy
the scorpio: I'm not possessive, no one else can have you
me on friendship day: I hate everyone
serge gainsbourg: I love you, me neither


mi objeto: no te merezco, te pertenezco
mis gatos: somos tus dueños
la chonguez: quiero que me quieras, pero solo mientras no me quieras
los escorpianos: me perteneces, soy cero posesivo
la malhumorada: es el día del amigo, odio a todo el mundo
serge gainsbourg: te amo, yo tampoco

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